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ACT / Anchor / Relay

ACT / Anchor / Relay
February 11, 2013 nick howland

Notes on reading: 

– Two problems must be resolved to bring word and image together to create visual-verbal messages: visual organization and the combination of two completely different systems of communication.

– Now text becomes supporting  messages secondary to image.

– Language can be used to give all images specific meaning.

– Type has a more specific meaning.

– Rebus- Representative of words or syllables by pictures / objects that may resemble the intended word or syllable.

– Visual-verbal communication- Cooperative act of words and pictures used together to create a meaning that is greater than the individual significance of the parts.


– Linguistic elements can be used to constrain the particular reading of an image- speech bubbles, labels for photos.

– Relay- text / image relationship which were “complimentary.” Can be ambiguous text.

– Starting in 1920’s text primarily explained the visual.


– Anchorage- is the text that provides a link between the image and it’s context.

– Relay- text and image that provides it’s own part of the overall meaning.


Anchorage Exercise: 

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Relay Exercise: 

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