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[workshop application]

client : kcai degree project class
software : adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, keynote, 
categories : web design, interactive design


Education today is expensive, especially in the creative fields. With tuition averaging around $30K a year and increasing at a rapid pace, it’s getting harder and harder to follow your passion and learn from top creatives in the field.

Though a formal education continues to open wallets wider, technology is expanding and devices are getting more affordable each year. So why can’t there be an application that takes advantage of today’s tech devices and helps make education more assessable and fun?

Workshop is a cross-platform system that allows creatives to learn from creatives on any device one might have. With some of today’s top talents teaching classes (and taking classes), it’s easy to pick the workshops you want and network with the people you admire.

App Demo


Take the app for a test-drive with two full scenarios. Explore the interface and see what it would be like to actually use the app.

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