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Springboard Creative Website

Springboard Creative Studio Website

Summarizing an advertising studio’s brand on the web.

Role: Lead Visual + UX Designer

Deliverables: Final Visual Designs, Visual Specs, Develop Product, Deploy Product

Project Overview

Springboard Creative is a small design studio in Mission, Kansas that specializes in branding, editorial, and web design. The studio itself had been around quite some time and there was a website that was built towards the brand’s creation, but it was in dire need of an update (does anyone really use Flash to build full sites anymore?). The new site needed to reflect the editorial focus the studio has, the humor shared throughout the workspace, and it needed to showcase the work the studio does and the involvement each member has within the community.

Digitizing The Brand


In order to accomplish those goals and to successfully depict the studio and it’s work, I utilized editorial magazine styles, like flowing layouts and pull quotes, to align the website with the studio’s work and style. Humor is brought in through the copywriting and some hidden easter eggs within the site. The work is shown through simple yet efficient photography and short descriptions.  To illustrate the community involvement those who worked at the studio participated in, a ‘News’ section was created. It shows what the designers are doing in their spare time as well as celebrating the recognition the studio gets as a whole and as individual contributors.

Check out the full website here to see it in action.


Brendan O’Shaughnessy –Art Director
Kevin Fullerton – Creative Director

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